update 1# request’s: i don’t want your money :S

i had some thinking on this and i wanted to make somthing clear why i do request’s.

okey first of all not long agoo i got a very frendly request from some one i don’t mind it at all he was very frendly person and was polite but he was sying somting that he din’t have the money to pay for my serves i mean by that i was making a reqeust for him.

i want to make it somting very clear about this beacuse it is bugging me :S

i dont do request for money, you can request (anime/game OST piano songs) it completly for free, i do this because i have fun making transcriptions for you and i like to make youtube tutorial/covers of it and i am here to make friends but al beside that i must not forget that this is a hobby from me and i like it very much 🙂

please don’t be afraid to afraid of me because i am the most cutetest person in the world (welll my friend’s saying that to me :D)

i also do request’s because some people can’t play piano by ear or can’t reed sheet music that’s why i make MIDI’S for them, also some people do not have the money to get proper education to reed sheet music because it is expensive, and i stand for a free hmmmm how should i call it mmmm…….. a community whare everybody have to the chance to play piano for free, and i think some people in this world are very happy with i am doing here and on youtube 🙂

these are all reasons why i am here on youtube and i love anime/game music.

i don’t want your money save it for yourself go do some fun thing’s with it and buy what you want with it 🙂 but don’t spend it on me.

so that’s all i wanted to say please don’t be offended/shocked by this, feel free to to request any anime/game piano song to me and i see what i can doo for you 😉

greetings xXxchobitsxXxNL you dutch anime & game pianist.

About xxxchobitsxxxnl

i am a anime & game pianist :)
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