sorry for my long time away ;(

hello world,

i haven’d written a post in a long time and make’d video’s in a long time ;(.

i am really sorry about that, i was always so passionate about my music, but i have still some life issue’s i am dealing with ;O and i don’t have the energy so transcribe music at the moment, i am so sorry about this, but i  have been also interested in some other music lately ;O.

i have putted a link to my personal Facebook page so you can see me in real life picture of me and see how i look :P.

i will come back don’t worry about that 😉 and in the mean time you can download my super secret rar from here:

password won’t be given out and read the text file in the rar file and if you can guess then i will salute you and have fun listening to it ;).


Matty kuppens.
Your Dutch anime & game pianist.
personal Facebook page:
soundcloud page:

About xxxchobitsxxxnl

i am a anime & game pianist :)
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