have a request

since youtube has deleted my text on my channel with reference to request’s i have decided to write somting down here on my blog so you can kinda know of what my taste is with piano :).

i you have a song that havend been transcirbed by anyone or you can’t find any sheet’s or a MIDI or you can’t do it yourself becouse you can’s play by ear, write me a PM (private Message) on youtube and i wil respond A.S.A.P to you :).

also be sure to uncheck “Allow only my contacts to send me messages and share videos” in you privacy settings on you youtube account this allow’s me to contact you through youtube if you will not do this i can’t respond back to you and can’t answer your question.

reed this before requesting:

1: the song must be from a anime or game.

2: i prefer piano solo song’s but you can request any song you like because maybe i like it to you never know :).

3: keep in mind if, i don’t like the song i most likely ganna refuse the song, sorry about that :S but, i can’t motivate myself if i don’t like the song i hope you understand all this.

4: i also can refuse a song because of the dificulty i am not a pro a the piano but not a noob either :P.

5: request don’t cost any money see this topic about that: https://xxxchobitsxxxnl.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/update-1-requests-i-dont-want-your-money-s/ i don’t want you money keep it for yourself do fun things with it, don’t spend it on me please :S.

well that’s all i most likely what i wanted to say about this topic :), ooh yeah i will try to response back to the PM’s i get, even if i don’t response back i will read them don’t worry about that, and if i don’t response back i most likely not gonna do the request, sorry i hope you understand, but if i response back then i gonna do your request but you gotta read the response back from me to see 🙂

i like mostly very touching song where you most likely can cry by while first hearing it T_T, but take a look on my main channel to see my taste :).

i most likely like song’s from final fantasy series,CLANNAD and Angel Beats.


greetings xXxchobitsxXxNL, your dutch anime & game pianist.

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