MIDI’s and sheets

MIDI and sheets click here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/1gdqfcf2cxjva/xXxchobitsxXxNL_MIDI_and_sheetmusic_collection

here are all the MIDI’S that i have made and the sheets music is thare too, it is al there is one spot for you for free :).

all pieces that i play and make are transcriptions made by ear so there could be mistakes in it if so forgive me i always try to come as close to the original OST,most of the pieces are perfect others are a just a tiny little less but not troublesome for the ear to listen to i promise :D.

if there is no sheet music for some piece that i have transcribed that means there is no yet sheet music been made for that feel free to request it by PM me on my main youtube page and i see if i can make it for you.

just have fun with it and happy learning like i say so, and if you want to use content like for a youtube video or something else please give me credit for it, because i take very much time and energy in these pieces.

also you need winrar or 7-zip installed on you computer or else you can’t get the sheet music,winrar/7-zip is a program that pack’s you files compressed and makes it smaller,just google it and install it.

if there are any problems like you can’t download them let me know by sending me PM on youtube i will answer it A.S.A.P. and i see what i can do about it.



14 Responses to MIDI’s and sheets

  1. Naen says:

    Thankyou for sharing your work, greetings from Colombia.

  2. Emisdrunk says:

    Your videos are great! I hope you keep updating awesome songs xD,

  3. Itae says:

    Thank you!!! I respect for your sharing! ^v^ 😀

  4. do you have winrar installed on you computer if not you, need to have it to get the sheet music.

  5. david says:

    you are GREAT
    Greetings from Indonesia

  6. Vinicius Koti says:

    Thaanks a bunch! love it!! :3

  7. Jill says:

    Hey! I’m really interested in playing the Zelda Lullaby tutorial you did, but the link you have isn’t working for me. It just shows up blank with a blue header that says Skydrive. Is there any way you could send the sheets to me otherwise? Thanks.

  8. ~Mayorichan ヽ(*・ω・)ノ says:

    Oh Found it thank Ya~ ♥♥♥

  9. Alex says:

    REally thank you, but wish to get it Left and Right hand seperate … really hard when we are beginer but thank you for every midi and sheet

  10. Vince says:

    Your works are amazing! I especially love your rendition of Zelda’s Lullaby and Serah’s theme. First 2 songs I officially learned! The sheets and the midi are just great! Thanks for sharing your works! **Greetings from the Republic of the Philippines**


  11. RainjinmaruNinjaX says:

    YES THANK YOU!!! you added final fantasy MIDIs. i’ve been looking for them! thx!!

  12. nanan says:

    love you man.
    thanks for doing that just because you are able to.

  13. marco m says:

    thnak u for sheets >.< !!!

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